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Title: Run of the Mill Reunion
Fandom: Supernatural/Chuck/Psych
Author: MusicalLuna
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble
Genre: Humor/Crossover
Warnings: None
Complete: Maybe?
Summary: Six degrees of Kevin Bacon squared. He'll show up in this fic, it's just a matter of time.
A/N: I love these shows .
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody.

A Computer Breaks )


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Hands down my favorite fic ever. Possibly my favorite piece of writing ever. So. Much. Love.

Originally posted by [ profile] windswept_fic at Skybird: Master Post (Inception/White Collar)
Title: Skybird
Fandoms: Inception, White Collar
Characters: Neal, Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13

From this lovely prompt: Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey.

There are three arcs in the Skybird universe (the title of which is quite unimaginatively and very shamelessly taken from this song). Spoilers for Inception, and written with up to 2.9 of White Collar having aired. Total wordcount around 34k.

Skybird - Pulled From Orbit
Skybird - Who I Am Today
Skybird - For Good
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Title: No Touching--It's Not a Suggestion, It's the Law
Fandom: Psych/Stargate: SG-1
Author: MusicalLuna
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Shawn, Lassiter, Daniel/None
Genre: Humor, Crossover
Warnings: None
Complete: Yes
Summary: Lassiter and Shawn wander around a creepy old house looking for something and get more than they bargained for.
A/N:I requested that windscryer challenge me to rinse my brain out after some writing on another of my stories, and these were her stipulations:

I want Shawn and Lassie to bond over a giant spining globe, arabian racehorses, the color lime green, and a hole in the ground.

Then I asked a question so that I could include a SG reference, and my vagueness and her excitement got you this.

Psych/Stargate SG1 Crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or Psych. But boy are they awesome.

No Touching--It's Not a Suggestion, It's the Law )


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